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As the 2010 track and field season continues hope and prayers are sent through towards the team as they venture towards making history again.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Puma/JAAA Kirkvine meet

Congratulations to the team for a valiant effort at January 15th meet at the Kirkvine Sports Complex, at the Windalco Grounds, they surely did us proud and showed the stuff true Ardenne athletes are made of.  The team has been working extremely hard to gain ground early in the season especially with the loss of a senior member.  But yesterday the times showed that they have little to nothing worth worrying about.

The events were surely entertaining and the competition fierce as most of the team participated in the 200m.  Co-record holder for the Class 3 200m event (23.30) Twaine Gordon, now Class 2, had his record broken however it didn't outshine the performance of the team.  Malik Tucker a 2010-2011 addition to the team put in a valiant effort with 25.68 seconds.  Toni-Ann Ingram placed well with a solid 26.33s and Kaisha Ogilvie close behind her with 26.93s.  Twaine Gordon placed fifth overall at the meet with a time of 22.20s and with a time like that at one of the first meets of the year we look forward to seeing him compete this season.  Not too far behind was Beresford Sweeney with 22.52s, he's a first year Class 2 competitor who shows great promise and this run is nothing short of untapped potential.  Dudley Boeldak a first time Ardenne student opened up with a good run of 22.61s.  Gregory Dawson was next with a commendable 23.68s and Ejay Hylton with 23.70s is worth notification.

Dane Steen and Mikhail Williamson, the two most senior members of the team were nothing short of impressive and really depicted true Ardenne talent by running 21.56s to place 13th and 13th respectively.  Shavon Thompson wasn't too far behind with a good improvement of 22.31s.  Up next was Neville Davis with a sturdy 22.60s and Jameil Mills with a somewhat confusing 22.96s.  Kristofferson Nunes ran a 23.03s which confused the entire team (including the person writing this article), he was followed by  Nicholas Nelson who ran a 25.10 being his first meet we'll allow a pass however he knows where the team is going and I'm sure he's willing to commit to getting there with his brothers.  The final Ardenne Competitor was Domaniqe Peart who ran 2:41:08s in his 800m.

This year seems to be shaping up in a very attractive manner even without valuable members of the team who have left and gone on to higher institutions of learning and with times like these the 4x200m records and golds that should have belonged to Ardenne High School last year seem more than tangible.  It is hoped that the team realizes this makes this idea fact.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

JAMAICA COLLEGE Invitationals 2011

Emanuel Mayanja placed 2nd in the Class 2 boys Spot Putt but had mixed results in the Discus equivalent.

other results were as follows:

Class 2 100m

27 Ingram, Toni-Ann 15 Ardenne High Female 12.77 7

43 Ogilvie, Kaisha 14 Ardenne High Female 13.33 7

Class 4 High Jump

5 Lawson, Celia 11 Ardenne High Female 1.40m 1.42

Class 4 Long Jump

16 Lawson, Celia 11 Ardenne High Female 4.25m

Class 2 Long Jump

22 Scarlett, Jhenelle 16 Ardenne High Female 4.60m

Class 2 100m

28 Daley, Jefferson 15 Ardenne High Male 11.14 10

45 Stewart, Stephen 14 Ardenne High Male 11.35 3

54 Blake, Xandra 14 Ardenne High Male 11.50 7

61 Dawson, Gregory 14 Ardenne High Male 11.61 8

Class 1 100m

7 Williamson, Mikhail 18 Ardenne High Male 10.55 1 1.50

47 Steen, Dane 17 Ardenne High Male 11.05 5

56 Thompson, Shavon 18 Ardenne High Male 11.12 13

62 Davis, Neville 17 Ardenne High Male 11.17 12

Men Open Pole Vault

5 Coleman, Sheldon 17 Ardenne High Male 3.55m 3.50

Class 2 Shot Put

2 Mayanja, Emmanuel 15 Ardenne High Male 13.77m 8

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Camperdown Classics

The lone competitor at the Camperdown Classics for Ardenne High on Saturday  February 13, 2010, went to do no less than to compete.
Sheldon Coleman Ardenne's 2nd ever pole vaulter placed 5th in the open event with a new personal best of 3.50m.